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AGOC (Awambong Group Of Companies) was founded in 2023. It has operations in Printing services, IT Services, Real Estate Services etc.

AGOC is aimed at revolutionizing the Tech Space, Real Estate Space & Printing Services.


AGOC (Awambong Group Of Companies) was founded in 2023 by Conrad Awani M. a Young Cameroonian Entrepreneur based in Germany.

Conrad Awani

Awambong Group Of Companies (AGOC) was founded in 2022 by Conrad Awani Mbong, whose desire is to establish his business with the primary focus being unprecedented customer service and relationships founded in trust and loyalty. He named his company after the prefixes of his First Name. His experience in various countries abroad has instilled in him persistence, sustained effort, and a need for accomplishing what he set out to do. AGOC’s trusted reputation in the area allowed him to take his small business from his house to our current main headquarters in B’ssade Galleries, Douala and in recent years, the opportunity to expand to Kotto, Douala & Limbe, South West. In February of 2023, Conrad Awani returned to Germany with the ultimate mission of purchasing the best Printing equipment to change the scope of printing in Cameroon. His Director of Business Development Sama Boris, as well as his loyal wife Elizabeth Litombo Epse. Awani who is the Vice President of Operations.

Our Community driven approach

Conrad Awani M. feels that the success of AGOC is due to his devoted team of employees and devoted clientele. He thinks that all staff and clients should be treated as he himself would wish to be treated: as family, in accordance with our slogan “Real People…Real Solutions.” Conrad’s purpose is to give back to the local community since he believes that doing so is an integral element of being a business owner and that it has profoundly encouraged success in the region.

One of Conrad’s major loves is providing local youngsters with the opportunity to grow and flourish. This dedication has led to the involvement of our present leadership in a variety of youth-focused organizations, such as the Boy Scouts of Cameroon, the Challenge Program, Intermediate Unit I, and the YMCA.

In addition, we have implemented an employee volunteer program that offers up to eight hours of compensated service time per year, allowing everyone on the team to contribute back to the community.

AGOC will always play a vital role in fostering the growth of our community and giving opportunity for our youth to envision their future.

Awambong Group

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