Cloud Computing

Computing in the cloud is the next step in the evolution of methods for storing and managing data and for running applications and IT networks. With cloud computing, you can easily expand your operations without spending money on hardware upgrades, software licenses, or employee training. As a result, this innovation is more financially viable than comparable alternatives. There is no need for you to worry about the upkeep of costly physical infrastructure. Ford Office Technology employs highly trained engineers to manage anything remotely.

Assistance from Our Cloud Computing Professionals

Cloud Services for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Keeping your company safe and productive is Awambong Group Of Companies’ (AGOC) top priority.

Why choose AGOC for your Managed Cloud Computing needs?

Power, ethernet, and bandwidth from the internet are all available without interruption at our network control center. With our public cloud service, you can forget about expensive and time-consuming upkeep. Alternatively, you can use our hybrid cloud services to supplement your current private cloud setup.

By utilizing our traditional colocation options, you may keep your on-premises hardware and software applications in our secure, monitored data center while migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure. You may get better IT solutions with this cloud technology, giving your business an edge with less outlay of time or money.

Owning, operating, and maintaining sophisticated IT solutions is now possible despite limitations of time and money, thanks to our managed solutions. Awambong Group Of Companies (AGOC) can host and maintain your infrastructure, applications, and virtual machines.

Benefits of AGOC's Cloud Computing

Outsourcing your Cloud Computing needs to AGOC’s well-experineced and talented professionals will benefit you with the best solution(s).


Via our cloud services, Ford Office Technologies can manage all of your storage, servers, and networking components, eliminating the need for you to purchase, install, and maintain this hardware on your own.


Telephony Platform that Provides Service through the Internet With the help of modern technology, you can centralize your telephone infrastructure with a hosted voice communication solution that provides off-site disaster recovery and business continuity, as well as adaptability and customisation. The same voice communication infrastructure can be used by team members whether they are physically present in the office, in the field, at home, or using classic hardphones, softphones, or smartphones.


To Provide a Desktop Through a Web-Based Interface is Ford Office Technologies’ cloud-based answer to the problem of remote access to on-premises PCs and apps. With DaaS, your team can be as agile as needed without exposing your company to any additional risks. Using our streamlined solution, your business may reduce expenses, streamline the way you install desktop and apps, and implement stringent safety and regulation measures. You can trust that our team will make sure this model is compatible with your present setup and allows for a smooth transition to the cloud or a hybrid cloud.


Using Software as a Service (SaaS), Ford Office Technologies hosts your apps and makes them accessible to you and your team via the internet (or another network), rather than on your local machine (desktop). There is also no longer any need to worry about members of a team using incompatible software versions, as all members of the team will have access to the most recent upgrades simultaneously.


Communications in the future will almost certainly use voice over IP. With VoIP, companies may share multimedia content and have conversations via the internet. Transforming analog audio into digital data allows companies to quickly and easily transmit a wide range of information. With this technological answer, firms may maximize their adaptability, productivity, and savings. With VoIP, you can make and take calls via the internet just like you would with a regular phone, and you can also use features like call waiting and caller ID on your computer or other device.

Managed Office 365

Ford Office Technologies is able to assist you with Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services because we are a Certified Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider. The cloud-based Office 365 ProPlus suite was designed with collaboration in mind, so it provides the same set of well-known programs users are already familiar with. With Office 365 ProPlus, you can access your files from any device, anywhere in the world, and rest certain that they will remain secure.

Back Up Solutions

We give you the infrastructure-level backup solutions you require with server virtualization and advanced shared storage devices to protect your time, data, and finances. By making an exact copy of your existing setup, we can automate disaster recovery without having to send an engineer to your office to handle the technical details. What this means for your organization is a more efficient and cost-effective recovery process.

Maintaining a solid network is critical to the growth of your company.


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Ford Office Technologies provides an additional layer of protection by securely replicating your current infrastructure in our cloud storage infrastructure, allowing us to eliminate the need to perform complex procedures and automate your disaster recovery.  This equates to a less expensive, more efficient recovery process that guarantees your business continuity.
Most importantly, disaster recovery and business continuity plans keep you compliant with the rules and regulations of your industry, keeping you out of danger from the fines associated with any violations. This can include banks and other financial organizations, as well as law firms, hospitals and any organization that can be in contact with personal customer information.  Business continuity provides the ability for each layer of your organization to access and work within essential functions and operations.
Our team appreciates how important these features are to your business running at full potential and takes those factors into consideration while working to achieve a complete disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your business.


Keeping your company safe and productive is Awambong Group Of Companies' (AGOC) top priority.

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