Document management

Being paperless eliminates the need for unnecessary storage space.

Document management systems have evolved from simple archiving and retrieval systems to comprehensive solutions for information management.

Why use AGOC's Document Management Team and Software?

Document management is a technique to easily manage paper files electronically, free up office space, and save time by eliminating the need to spend precious minutes searching for a specific paper document. Our document management services provide everything necessary to transform paper documents into a secure and manageable digital process. We handle the entire process, from scanning to destruction, resulting in an orderly, simple-to-find software solution tailored to your needs.

Not only does a successful electronic document management system (EDMS) provide access, modification, and dissemination of documents in a single location, but it also assists businesses in centralizing operations and streamlining processes. In addition, it aids people who deal with sensitive information in managing their records in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations.


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Document Imaging

With our electronic document management software, document imaging gives on-demand access to your data via your network or the Internet (EDMS). We can scan and index routine documents, huge and wide format documents, and microfilm, resulting in digital data that are easily accessible.

Software Solutions

Electronic document management system (EDMS) is document management software that enables the storage, management, and tracking of all electronic documents (images, email, Microsoft Office, etc.). Establish task-based workflows that take a process from scanning to completion automatically. This creates a transparent, accountable, and productive work atmosphere for your firm.

Shredding & Document Destruction

It is necessary for businesses and organizations to have a plan for organizing and maintaining their papers while they are in use, but it is equally crucial to address how records are disposed of and destroyed. Integration of document destruction and shredding operations as the final piece of the document management puzzle is one of the most effective ways for businesses to ensure that sensitive or proprietary information is protected throughout its full life cycle.

Every business needs a safe, compliant and affordable method of storing, retrieving and managing its hard copy from inception through destruction.

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