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To be productive, your staff has to be able to connect to the company network in a dependable, rapid, and painless manner. You can't afford to have your IT network fail or lead you to lose money.

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Network Design for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Keeping your company safe and productive is Awambong Group Of Companies’ (AGOC) top priority.

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The IT infrastructure of your company will run smoothly because of the work done by Awambong Group Of Companies (AGOC). First, we get a thorough understanding of your company’s requirements, and then we use that information to design and implement a network infrastructure that will support your business for the long haul, taking into account both hardware and software considerations. You won’t notice any downtime in your regular company operations as a result of our network engineers’ diligent efforts, as they operate largely behind the scenes. We recognize the importance of properly configuring your network to serve the many needs of your business. Local area networks (LANs) can be set up by Ford Office Technologies. LANs link computers and other devices that are in close proximity to one another. To extend our network’s reach beyond what a local area network (LAN) could provide, we may also set up a WAN. We can also set up a wireless LAN if you and your employees need cordless access to your network (WLAN). After reviewing your existing infrastructure, we will suggest improvements to your network’s layout to guarantee your complete satisfaction with minimal downtime.

Our Technology Infrastructure


Thanks to WLAN, you and your employees can access the network without physically connecting to a cable. WLAN enables companies to facilitate the bring your own device (BYOD) paradigm, wherein workers are encouraged to bring and utilize their own devices at work in place of the organization’s provided tools. Wireless local area network (WLAN) services we provide are compliant with IEEE 802.X specifications.


Computers and other devices within a limited geographic area can communicate with one another over a Local Area Network. Anything like a house or an office building is an example. To ensure that the network and all devices can communicate safely, Perfect Integration offers core and edge switching. Our professionals will keep an eye on your network and devices with our managed LAN services to help fix any problems that arise and boost efficiency.


With a WAN, you can connect offices and warehouses across great distances and share information with employees, customers, and vendors all over the world. This essentially means that you can go about your regular business activities from wherever you may be.

Keeping your company safe and productive is Awambong Group Of Companies' (AGOC) top priority.


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