Security Services

Keeping your business safe and secure with AGOC's Premium Cybersecurity services.

Be Confident in Your Cybersecurity

Our Team will help keep your business safe & secure with up-to-Date Tech systems.

Keeping your company safe and productive is Awambong Group Of Companies’ (AGOC) top priority.

Cyber security with AGOC's latest Technology

You and your customers’ private information is at risk if there is a data breach. Just in 2021, they leaked approximately 22 billion files.

Cybercriminals will target any holes in your network security that you fail to plug. Make sure your organization is protected from any and all dangers.

Incident Response

We're here to rescue you.

incident Response

Fast, well-thought-out responses are required during security crises. We have a whole staff ready to assist you in investigating and fully recovering from any security incidents that may occur. We've made sure that our tried-and-true procedure adheres to both NIST and SANS standards.

Managed Detection & Response

Your Line of Defense

Managed Detection & Response

Do you require constant, around-the-clock protection for your data and programs? We guarantee your safety and security with our centralized security management system and are here to assist you at any time.

Managed Endpoint Security

Coverage from every possible angle

Managed Endpoint Security

Hundreds, if not thousands, of endpoints mean many potential points of entry for hackers into your business. We hope to streamline protection for endpoints with our managed service.

Red Teaming

Training & Preparation

Red Teaming

How safe would you rate the safety of your company? Red team services are essential for gaining independent verification of a security program. AGOC offers the full package, including instruction, critique, and an in-depth report on how to improve.

Keeping your company safe and productive is Awambong Group Of Companies' (AGOC) top priority.

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