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Awambong Group of Companies (AGOC) has a trained IT team that can provide comprehensive managed IT services at affordable rates, ensuring that your organization is always up-to-date and secure while ensuring the availability of vital IT systems to support core business processes.

Assistance from Our Managed IT Professionals

Business Information Technology Management for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Keeping your company safe and productive is Awambong Group Of Companies’ (AGOC) top priority.

Why choose AGOC for your complete IT solution?

SMBs sometimes struggle to keep up with what seems like an insurmountable list of IT obligations. Having a full team of experienced IT professionals is a luxury that few businesses can afford to maintain. We can help with that. Our certified professionals are here to guide you through the IT maze for far less than the salary of an employee. No longer will you need to be concerned with the parts of your business that can halt your progress.

Your business’s full-service or IT consulting demands, as well as your company’s budget, can be met by Awambong Group Of Companies (AGOC), which employs a workforce of highly qualified and attentive IT professionals. Servers, routers, firewalls, databases, remote monitoring, and regular helpdesk requests are just some of the areas where Ford’s remote managed IT support may assist your business. We’re here to make sure things at your company go swimmingly, safely, and cheaply so you can give your whole attention to the job at hand.

While other IT firms may offer comparable services, Ford Office Technologies does not contract out its helpdesk support. You place a high priority on your concerns, therefore we do, too. You will never have to wait on hold before speaking with a real IT professional. Due to this service, calls are answered and resolved considerably more quickly, and downtime is avoided altogether.

In addition, most IT firms have per-device fees for setting up a network. You can get free help with anything to do with networking from the Awambong Group Of Companies (AGOC), and that includes switches, routers, modems, and access points.


The all-inclusive service plan from Awambong Group Of Companies (AGOC) allows you to put all your anxiety behind you.


Outsourcing your information technology work to the skilled experts at Awambong Group Of Companies (AGOC) has many advantages.

Cloud Computing

Computing in the cloud is the next step in the evolution of methods for storing and managing data and for running applications and IT networks.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, you can easily expand your operations without spending money on hardware upgrades, software licenses, or employee training. As a result, this innovation is more financially viable than comparable alternatives. There is no need for you to worry about the upkeep of costly physical infrastructure. Ford Office Technology employs highly trained engineers to manage anything remotely.
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Security Services

You and your customers' private information is at risk if there is a data breach.

Security Services

Just in 2021, they leaked approximately 22 billion files. Cybercriminals will target any holes in your network security that you fail to plug. Make sure your organization is protected from any and all dangers.
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Network Design

To be productive, your staff has to be able to connect to the company network in a dependable, rapid, and painless manner.

Network Design

You can't afford to have your IT network fail or lead you to lose money.
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Virtual Infrastructure

A faster response time from your systems is only one benefit of switching to a virtual infrastructure.

Virtual Infrastructure

Server consolidation, backup, continuity of operations, and a staging area are just few of the many uses for virtualization. With this technology, your organization may separate its software and data infrastructure from its processing, storage, and networking components.
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IT Consulting

IT consultations are available from Ford Office Technologies, allowing you to specify exactly what it is you need from an IT service provider so that you may receive the best possible service. The state of antivirus/malware protection, email, operating systems, documentation, internet firewall protection, system backup, servers, and security upgrades are all part of our comprehensive review. In order to help your company succeed, we will work with you to achieve your goals, fix any infrastructure issues, and create a strategy to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Data Storage & Backup

To ensure the security of your most sensitive data, your firm needs a data backup and recovery plan. If your server is stolen, destroyed by accident, or hit by a natural disaster, backups kept on-site won’t assist. The backbone of any reliable corporate operation is its ability to keep and access data at any time and from any location. The backbone of any strategy to keep your organization operational in the face of a disaster or ransomware assault is a foolproof backup solution. You can rely on Ford Office Technologies’ safe and reliable data center, which is completely automated to facilitate a disaster recovery plan designed exclusively for your company.

Network Support

Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) allows us to proactively monitor your network remotely, so we can quickly detect and resolve problems like sluggish servers, security breaches, excessive data traffic, and application breakdowns. In order to protect your systems and data against viruses, malware, hacking attempts, and more, our team of professionals works hard to detect significant issues in advance. With our help desk support for routine difficulties and our attention to the stability of your network, you can put your attention where it belongs: on running your business.

Contracted Services

We also provide additional IT services like as email migration, backup/cloud storage, storage space, server consultation, setting up numerous workstations, server virtualization, file backup and restoration, and more on an as-needed or ongoing basis.

Helpdesk & Support

Certified members of our IT staff are known for their prompt responses and ability to solve problems on the first try. Password resets, software updates, network failures, printer issues, frozen screens, file recovery, and workstation power issues are just some of the common issues that our helpdesk support team can assist your team with on a daily basis. You can also employ managed helpdesk services to cover for staff absences, training, holidays, and so on, allowing your in-house IT team to focus on more important matters related to the company’s networks and software.

Keeping your company safe and productive is Awambong Group Of Companies' (AGOC) top priority.

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